“National American Miss Pageant” North Carolina Regarding two Mongolian sisters.

National American Miss Pageant” North Carolina
Regarding two Mongolian sisters.


            The National American Miss Pageant was from June 28th through June 30th  2012 for three days in Winston Salem NC at the Marriott Hotel.  The Competitions were divided up into five age groups: 4-6 years old were Princesses, 7-9 years old were Jr.Preteen, 10-12 years old were  Preteen, 13-15 years old were  Jr.Teen, 16-18 years old were Teen. The Mongolian beautiful and talented girls entered into this competition were Anujin a 5 year old-Princess and sister Nandia a 12 year old-Preteen who are from Charlotte NC.
            Children under 12 years of age in these contests do not use makeup so as to let their own natural beauty and personality shine through.

   Competitions were divided up into areas of: formal wear, introductions, interview, talent, community involvement and casual wear. For the formal Anujiin wore a pink princess gown and her sister Nandia wore a purple formal gown – they both looked like angelic princesses.   
            In the talent show Anujin danced the “Baby mine” ballet and out of 64 contestants performing she took 4th place winning the 4th runner up trophy. Anujiin also received first place in the freestyle dance competition - she won a trophy and monetary compensation, in the final competition she won  ''The Spirit Award -  Pageantry” trophy for promoting friendship and good sportsmanship, also the  Top-15” award so she can go to the nationals in California at the DisneylandNational All American”. Nandia danced the Mongolian traditional dance “Myangad” for her talent portion; the dance audience was very impressed.

            Two Mongolian young talented girls bringing awards to their proud mom, dad, sister brothers and the Mongolian Community.

Special thanks for their Mom-  Sarangerel and their Dad - Purevtseren. To our proud Princess Anujin wishing her good luck for her next competition, to Nandia - reaching for your dreams and goals as well as wishing the best for your family.
By  S.Uzmee. 

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