From the far Mongolia
I skipped over the Atlantic Ocean
I left behind my lovely family
Gave up my warm home
My childhood home country
Trusting don’t know before stranger
To him I gave my heart
Following him I came down to
The golden America
The first day I met
My husband’s family
This time I had beginner English
But my heart understood
This time you welcomed me
Your warm eye telling me
You are welcome to our country and family
You are a good brother-in-law
Thank you for understanding me
God Bless you!
Happy Birthday Malcom.



TRUST (To James)

(To James)

To the far Mongolia
To choose a dear love
The material world you said live with me
You would give to be married to me
Skipped over the Atlantic Ocean
To bring me to you’re a golden America.

Softhearted Mongolian woman
Stepped to America
Didn’t think before
Of the foreign countryman
Together living one home
Didn’t dream on this before

“I love you,” you said to me
Give to me your hand look at my face
Your eyes said to me trust my heart
Those three words
Took my heart and your eyes cut through my heart
I trusted in you, gave you my life

I want long life together in you
Trust me my dear feel it in your heart
I give you my heart I give you my life
Sometime you and I each together fight
Sometime you and I break each other’s heart
I want to say to you listen to my heart and feel it in yours.

Uzmee 2002