Mongolian children's songs.

Mongolian children's song.
Singer by Tsetsgee. 

My baby is grown

Gig, gig,  giggling, laughing my baby
One or two steps
Excited, happy, joyful
My baby can walk 

Balancing around, standing
Carefully stepping, walking
Happy singing dancing, excited
My baby can talk

Hop, hop, hop walking
Clapping to me running
Welcoming giving hands
My baby is growing

 Translated by S. Uzmee 06.01.2015

Song by A. Batsuck Singer by Н. Tumurhuyag  

So cute, my baby is sleeping

Having a job kind of early in the morning, getting up
Playing all day
Pumpkin little boy so cute
Sleeping light down holding check

So cute, so cute 

Heavy duty job done
Such a tired sleeping
Crooked shaped shoes
One here another there  

So cute, so cute 

Eye lashes blinking and fingers showing
Dreaming something interesting
Someone’s children maybe
Behind dad is joking to him

So cute, so cute

Translated by S. Uzmee 06.01.2015