The New Year

A New Year becoming
New days, new ways
Letting go of the past
And looking forward
No longer feeling the pain of the past
No matter how long it had lasted
We will move past it
When the bad memories come forth
Light and burn it with a torch
Leave the ashes all behind
Put on a good face and be kind
Because, a New Year is here
So let’s go about and spread some cheer
And hope
Not only, for a better tomorrow
But, a better today
And for better ways
Welcome the New Year with
love in our hearts
Let’s believe in fresh starts
Let go of the pain of the past
Let it no longer last
But let the New Year come
Let us not be glum
But glad
For better Loves,
Better hugs
Better days,
Better ways
And even better says
Let us hope for a greater year
So let us spread some cheer
So wipe your tears
Happy New Year

By Catherine .T. Pigg 12.31.2011