For Dad

You are so wonderful Dad
You are always thinking of us
Your heart is sometimes very soft
You are very hard sometimes
How much you hard us
Still we love you very much
Sometimes we didn't listen to you
Sometimes you didn't understand us
You always told us a bed time story
We enjoyed it very much
We want to spend more time together
We miss you every time
School time you pick us up and drop us off
We appreciate you so
And we want show you
My teachers and friends
Because, That is my Dad!
We feel so happy
We understand you
You work so hard
You also so tired
We promise you
We will be good girls
Don't forget us
We are girls!!!
We love you very much!!!

Your daughters Catherine and Tergel 2003


Happy Father's Day

Father is the most special man in the world
Anywhere protecting me front and back
Anytime between me and my enemies
Father is my hero
Father loving caring for me
Always showing how to be strong, deeply caring
Attention to my whole life, always there when needed
Father you always touch my heart
Happy Father’s Day



The Pilot Mountain

The Pilot Mountain

Faraway looks like nipple
Strange shape Mountain
Follow direction onto mountains top
Spiritual feeling there
All around look at flat land
See long way off all the towns
Awesome views all round
Flying high mirage
That feeling called
The mountain Pilot
That's truly amazing

S. Uzmee

Happy Anniversary

We are under God indivisible in truth and love
Building our relationship strongly
Sharing life in the world
We are important
Someone’s husband
Someone’s father
Someone’s wife
Someone’s mother
Our children are proud of us
Happy anniversary my dear.