Mongolian traditional painting tools were bird feathers, tree bark, flower, dirt, and milk- vodka mixed with glue and chalk dust. Once dry the painting would be smoothed over with stones.  

Mongolian masterpiece “One day in Mongolia” was painted by B.Sharav 1869-1939. He was an amazing painter. “One day in Mongolia” masterpiece shows Mongolian people’s life ending 19th century and beginning of the 20th century -  day by day nomadic life style showing each life processes amazing story. This master art piece has many people's interest; most of those people are art and antique collectors or people who study history and culture. If you see this wonderful artwork you will see the process of life starting from birth to death.
Original Masterpiece
Copy paint
Part of paint Paint by Avarced

Baby birth

1.Wool felt                                                                                        Mongolian wedding

It’s the story about a baby’s birth, the celebration of a new home, having a wedding, moving to another home, working with wool, chopping firewood, farming, milling, making a Ger, taking care of a dairy farm and of animals, the work of an undertaker, the romance of dating, taking a river bath, the birth of animals, animal shearing, going to join the army, arguing, crying, being happy, celebrating, animal herding etc…


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