Mongolian Jack Weatherford

Mongolian Jack Weatherford

Born and grew up in America
Educated and successful
Following his dreams and interest
Across the globe to Mongolia

Great Genghis Khan’s history
In his youth read and studied
Deepest recesses of his mind wondered
Secrets to be found
Pilgrimage to Mongolia

Living in a Mongolian Ger
On the dried dung fired stove 
Mongolian ladies boiling milk tea
Hot drink on a freezing cold day

Listening to the herders child
Singing songs and humming
Looking down the valley camels grazing
Enjoying the steppe land view
Sitting and writing in his journal

Snacking on curds and cheese
Sipping on airag and relaxing
Dry hot day building thirst
Drinking lovely cold spring water

Spring time on the Orhon River
Enjoying the view of dancing Egrets
Observing a howling gray wolf in the forest
Night sky full of sparkling stars
Holding hands with his wife on the steppes

Late winter early spring blooming
Searching for Scilla flowers
Listening to “Ohgii” lake’s cracking noise
Enjoying with his lovely wife   
Through the Golden Gobi’s Saxaul trees 
By the frozen rivers blue light
Deep under the frozen surface waters gurgling
Listening with his wife, feeling wonderful

Jack’s heart fitting Mongol
Jack’s mind floating in Mongol history
Jack’s breathing the Mongolian life style   
Mongolian people appreciate and are very proud of Jack Weatherford.
We love you Jack Weatherford.

S. Uzmee 2.15.2017


Amorous Perfume - Scent

Amorous Perfume - Scent

Heavy aroma wafting up
Lovers gift to their mate
Scent immortalized in their love
Monument to their union
Perfect gift for all
Heavy aroma pulling couples together

Under spoken elegant perfume
Waiting gently as you pass
Make hearts beat faster
Blindly I turn and follow
Dreamy date come to life
Stylish youths one of jewel
You smell a rich aroma
Partners courting, gift elite
Lover’s luxurious date
A romantic moment in a scent
Perfect item
Couples pose on a happy day

By :S. Uzmee 2.11.2017