Grandmother's blessing...

Grandmother's blessing... 

Following life, living my youth
Smelling flowers enjoying life
Deeply breathing looking up to the sky
Dancing and listening to the music
Playing enjoying my children
Always loving proud of them
Keeping them forever
They are always my little babies
Days night switching
Month’s years flying
Age rolling flipping
Didn't notice
Four directions eight ways
Too many happenings this life
Just noticed my children
Grown so fast now they are adult.

My daughter stepping into woman’s world
Losing innocence along the way
Following the steps of life
Following a man
Crush of love
Giving her heart
Man’s word she gives  her trust
Under one roof living
Putting up brave new life
Huge dreams to be fulfilled
Reaching the world
Was Mommy’s baby now she’s a Mother.
Happiest moments coming
Proud blessings bestowed together
Little tiny grandchild born
Happy blessed grandmother I am. 

S.Uzmee 04.01.2015

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