On the beach

To: Mandkhai (You'r a picture telling me about something)

Walking gracefully on the beach
Thinking about my memories
Warm, sunny, beautiful day
The ocean is pacifying and utterly relaxing

Seagulls around me flying
Each second peacefully calm 
Seeing that the ocean is crystal blue
Even the waves are softly cascading over the beach     
The ocean floating over my ankles
So beautifully caressing my feet
That feeling is charming and cheerful
Soothingly it helps me relax 

On the Atlantic Ocean beach
Thinking and walking along
Only thinking about my great Dad
The concepts of his golden words swirling in my thoughts
Mother ocean’s wave
Coming my way, rippling
Missing my beautiful and bountiful Mom
Continually I am thinking while walking…

By: S. Uzmee

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