Mom’s lullaby to the world

Poetry by G. Mend-Oyo
Music by P. Enkhbazar

Mom's lullaby to the world

My baby is born and growing in this world  
My mom’s singing encompasses the world
Lullaby to all children of Mother Earth
Angel of my mom singing to her baby on the Earth
Hugging while singing peace on earth
My mom’s lullaby sung into the earths children, lullaby

My baby’s growing up reaching to the sky
My mom’s singing under the blue sky
Lullaby to all children under the blue sky
My Mom’s reverential songs to her baby under the blue sky
Soothing lullabies singing peace of the blue sky
My mom’s lullaby sung into the wide blue sky, lullaby 

My baby’s crying and singing to the world
My mom’s singing by to this world
Lullaby to all children of this world
Loving my mom’s lullaby to her baby with the world
Mothers lullaby singing to the peace of the world
My mom’s lullaby sung to the world, lullaby 

Translate by S. Uzmee. 09.07.2015
Editor by James Pigg

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